3 Blog Posts About Video Project #2


We first tried to find out and decide what to do for Video project #2. So there was a quite long discussion to do it. And we finally determined the subject for our final video project.

And as I had made a ‘interviews- based Video’ for individual video project 1, I proposed how about doing interviews also for project 2, to our team members. And when I showed my individual video, they all agreed at my opinion. And after more talk between team members(Fantastic 4), we set the subject of interviews for “ University Life’s value and meaning to University students:.


We divided the interviewees into 2, one was Han Yang University students that we chose randomly, and the other was myself and the close university friend that each team member has.


All members including me went outside of classroom to interview people.


And after taking all video clips, I was assigned to write subtitles on the 5 video clips and cut into 20-30 seconds, to gather these revised video clips and make it into one perfect video.

Although I was just supposed to do what I said before, I did more work that what I was assigned to do. After gathering 18 video clips, for completion, it needs some revising and putting into several video effects. And with HyeonJeong, I made it into complete video.
I was so happy when I saw the good video that I and team members did together. So I am very proud of my work.


I want to ask to more people “What does university to you? “. It was a gorgeous time to make a video #2.